About CyberGrid

Cybergrid focus on Security and it is our core business capability. No matter if we’re building a resilient network or a high-performance cloud solution, security comes first.

We have an accomplished security team with expertise across offensive and defensive security. With Cybergrid, you can focus on business, powered by best-of-breed technology and an expert team. We work as an extension to your team to build your IT security strategy, bolster defences, and strengthen management capability.

Every employee contributes to both your revenue flow and to the possibility of disaster. Systems must be current to be safe, and staff must be strenuously trained to resist malware. In fact, every aspect of your business needs an effective plan and a path for solid protection. We are here to support your goals.

What We Do

CyberGrid Solutions is a specialist IT managed services company with a strategic focus on delivering cloud, infrastructure, compliance, network and security solutions.

We specialise in finding the optimum solution to meet your operational needs and supporting business growth and transformation.

Our People We pride ourselves on having a team of highly-skilled, passionate professionals. We have a reputation for excellence in supporting and serving our customers.

Information Security Management At Cybergrid the role of protecting our customers information assets and data subjects is one that we take very seriously. As your IT partner we understand that it is important to you that we can demonstrate that we have implemented the relevant IT security precautions and processes to show that we are acting responsibly on your behalf.